CAPUD Statement on the Overdose Death of Dan Sealy

Dan Sealy was described by his step mother as a "funny, caring, smart, talented and special person"

It was announced today that BC's Agriculture Minister Lana Popham and her partner lost their son recently to an accidental overdose.

We at the Canadian Association of People who Use drugs send our heartfelt condolences.

Dan Sealy was only 23 years old and like everyone lost to this overdose epidemic he was much more than just a statistic. His step-mother Popham described him as a "funny, caring, smart, talented and special person".

In regards to the lack of action taken by our government to address the crisis many people have remarked "wait until it happens to someone they love, then things will change".

No one deserves to die like this. No families deserve to face this kind of pain. We do need change, for all of us but there are no losses we see as anything aside from a tragedy.

The number of people lost to overdoses has become commonplace. The reality of the devastation each individual loss creates is not always readily apparent. Each loss carries a ripple of pain that touches many lives. Those at the legislature with the power to create change now have a peer to support and a hard truth to see. A painful truth far too many Canadians live with.

We mourn this tragic loss along with all of our loved ones taken from us.

Dan Sealy deserved better. We all do.