About Us

"Nothing About Us Without Us" is our guiding principle.

The Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs (CAPUD) is raising the voice of people who use(d) drugs throughout the policy making process at every level of government.

We strive to reduce oppressive societal conditions that people who currently or formerly use drugs face and emphasize the need for their direct involvement in public policy decision making. We focus on the strengths, talents, and merits of our membership as we build a better future for people who use drugs.

In 2013, CAPUD members came together in Victoria, BC, for a national meeting of people who use drugs, from which emerged our report, “Collective Voices Effecting Change”, which highlights key issues for people who use drugs in Canada, current actions by peer-run organizations of people who use drugs, and what we plan on doing to address these issues.

CAPUD identified the need for more tools and resources on how best to include people who use drugs in decisions that affect their lives, both to better prepare its members to participate and to equip ally organizations to better include people with lived experience meaningfully.

From these efforts came the Peerology document, which is an instructional manual made by people who use drugs on how to include people with lived experience in the decision making processes that impact their livelihoods.

In 2015, CAPUD collaborated on a Supreme Court intervention brief in a case about the constitutionality of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders.

We currently have membership in nine Canadian provinces. Our board is composed entirely of people with lived experience.

CAPUD is grateful to the MAC AIDS Fund for funding its organizational development and for the support of the Canadian AIDS Society, the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, the Centre for Addictions Research of BC and the BC Centre for Excellence on HIV/AIDS, all of which have contributed resources to CAPUD, either financial or in kind.